CKAD Labs and Mock Exams Error, Not Loading

hello @mmumshad @KodeKloud @kodekloud-support3 @Inderpreet,
The ckad labs and mocks are not loading and show the following errors:

Please rectify these issues ASAP as I have my exam very soon.


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I am facing the same exam is on Wed. please fix

@odehh hey mate, do you have any vpn service? The issue is in Europe and Asia, so I just tried using my vpn(nordVpn, they are on sale now too or try pureVpn which is really cheap) to access the labs from a server in the US. Do same so you dont get stressed. Cheers

@Chudo oh thanks buddy for the advice , will manage to get it vpn through the U.S, in the meantime i managed to use and got the questions from answers video.
Best of luck mate for the exam you will pass it.

Hello, @Chudo @odehh
Some update on Katacoda during the weekend seems to have caused issues. At the moment, I can only suggest to VPN to US region and access labs. ExpressVPN or Tunnelbear seems to work.

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@odehh cheers mate, please let me know how it goes. All the best!

I am also getting the same issue. I have tried with US VPN .But still getting the same. Can anyone please help me to resolve this issue ASAP