Ckad exam lab issue

Dear All,

Hope you all are fine!

I appeared in the CKAD exam yesterday! But I found a strange behavior in the lab while I was attending a Question number 18, I have been asked to SSH to other node in cluster to do some kubectl operations tasks like creating “Persistent Volume” and “PVC”, But I was continuously getting below error.

The connection to the server localhost:8080 was refused - did you specify the right host or port. not able to figure out issue.

Infact this error is coming on base node as well.

I missed some of the major question due to this issue… :-((((

Can anybody please clarify me what is this issue.

Thank you in advance,
Umair Ahmed Siddiqui

You can report this issue to the Linux Foundation.

I think that you failed on the point 2. but I don’t know. I’ll take the exam this friday. Any sugestion, tips and trick… Please shared with me. haha. I hove that this comment from slack help you.
I would like to share some tips:

  1. In the very beginning, if you’re not able to solve the question then move to the next. Don’t spend the whole time on a single question.
  2. Nested SSH not allowed.
  3. Use correct namespace.
  4. Use the correct context, advantages are - it’s given with each question.
  6. You can pick any question from the drop down menu. No restriction to perform specific questions.
  7. Make sure you don’t type twice “exit” from the basenode otherwise you’ll get exit from the basenode and again have to reload/login the exam console. It will consume your precious time.
  8. Manage time and attempt all the questions.
  9. It’s better to copy and paste some values from the exam question area (like namespace, pod name, port number and service name etc…).
    Any value that has been highlighted in the exam question area you can copy paste (you just left click the highlighted value, it will be copied)
  10. Don’t panic when you get disconnected from the exam, you can login back. Confirm with the proctor.