CKAD AND CKA Certified. Thank you Mmumshad, thank you KodeKloud

Well, it has been a long time coming. I just got confirmation and can say that, by God’s grace, I am both CKAD and CKA certified.

Would like to thank @KodeKloud, @mmumshad and his entire team for a work well done. You made me love learning about these technologies and want to learn more. You gave me reason to believe. You really have a gift of making complex concepts look easy. God bless you richly.

To anyone aspiring to take the exams, I can tell you that it is doable and for me, it wasn’t as difficult as it was projected to be online. That said, it still requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice and of course practice practice practice. So please, don’t give up and I wish you the best of luck.

Now #CKS on my mind. Leggo!!!


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Congratzzz… @Chudo

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@tgp thanks a lot…

i faced issues in cka exam with Kubeadm upgrade apply command and etcdctl snapshot save commands

both the commands didn’t work… could you help me with these

@shanmukha while I can not talk about anything specific to the exam, a natural question is did you do it on the right cluster? Have you done all the exercises related to these questions by KodeKloud? You need to do all the mock exams and lightning labs. It is a must if you want to have a chance at passing. Practice is all that matters, not what you know alone, but what you can replicated under time pressure. There you have solution videos that you should watch to know what the thought process should be for different questions. Attempt the questions yourself and if you fail, try finding the answers with the k8s documentation before looking at the video solutions.

Nevertheless, I had issues with the etcdctl restore too. Might have even deleted my etcd cluster file because I was confused but luckily I was able to still score high and pass.

All the best of luck to you! Cheers

i have cleared the CKA and CKAD

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Big congrats! You deserve it. Lets go for CKS, hahaha @shanmukha