CKA Slack Channel

Can someone provide the channel link to CKA? The link from the course says inactive.


Same issue with me. Could someone please provide the link to join the slack channel

Hi ,

This is hte link to join kodekloud slack channel

Then yio can go to slackbot and clikc to join the channel

I think we need an invite link, it doesn’t let me sign in to the kodekloud workspace.

Would it be possible for you to share an invite link please?

can you share me your email address

Thank you very much!

I have sent the invitation to you . please check

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I did not receive any, can you please check if the email was entered properly?

Hello, @chandrasekharmalladi
Link provided in the course is active.

Hello, @chandrasekharmalladi @vivek.99.singh
Link has been updated.


Could I get an invite as well?


Sent the invite . Please check

Please send an invite ,

same here, can you send me the invitation link please?

invitation sent but its penidng with the Admin to approve the request .

@sadiq1425 This has been approved…

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Many many thanks! @sadiq1425 @tgp

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hi @tgp @sadiq14525 @kodekloud

Can you please send me invitation link please
Thanking you in advance.

with best regards
Pradeep Nehe
Email :

Hello, @ppnehe
You’ve already invited, please check your inbox.

Hi, can u please send me the invitation link for slack on