CKA linux foundation exam discount


Is there any recent discount to purchase the right to take the CKA exam?

Does kodekloud has a discount for that?


Hi, If you are planning for Kubernetes CKA / CKAD / CKS certifications, Linux foundation is running a sale on their platform for 21% OFF on various certifications.

Now that we’ve released the CKS Course, you can get the certification voucher now AND be well prepared. Plus the Kubernetes certification prices are going up from $300 to $375 very soon, so this is the best opportunity to buy the exams at a lower rate.

The offer is available until May 9th (less than 96 left!)

21% OFF on various certifications and bundles.
1 FREE retake (2 attempts in total to clear the exam)
1 Year to prepare and deliver the exam
See all the offers here
Please use the coupon code ‘STARWARS21’ at checkout to avail of the offer

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