CKA LAB not working

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to use the CKA Labs on May 8th and 9th to practise before my exam on May 10th . I was not able to use the CKA LAB and looks like you guys are upgrading without any notice , I have valid subscription and tried using the Labs and was having trouble from yesterday , Does anybody know how to get around this issue ? I have paid for the subscription and also scheduled the Exam This is just not right to take the service down without any proper notice.

When I access this URL for e.g

Access restricted. Reason - More than 100 sessions in 1 day


Uh oh! Something went wrong.

{“error”: “unauthorised”}

Hi @purush1977
We are sorry for that.
It is working now, please check again and let me know if the issue still exists.