CKA - lab - certificate api

Error on Q1
I’m trying to create a certificatesigningrequest object with the csr file.
I’m getting this error when I do a kubectl

master $ kubectl apply -f akshay-csr.yaml

Error from server (BadRequest): error when creating “akshay-csr.yaml”: CertificateSigningRequest in version “v1beta1” cannot be handled as a CertificateSigningRequest: v1beta1.CertificateSigningRequest.Spec: v1beta1.CertificateSigningRequestSpec.Usages: []v1beta1.KeyUsage: Request: decode base64: illegal base64 data at input byte 76, error found in #10 byte of …|tLS0tLQo=",“usages”:|…,bigger context …|Ci0t LS0tRU5EIENFUlRJRklDQVRFIFJFUVVFU1QtLS0tLQo=",“usages”:[“digital signature”,“key encipherment”,|…

Looks goods, on confirming with the answer file.
What am I missing.


Can you please share your definnation file for CSR?


Hi there Rahul,
I was doing the lab and I skipped that bit, for now and moved on further.
I’ll go back to it later and try again.
Will get back to you if I’m stuck.

did you find solution to it ?