CKA exam tip question / clarity

Hi all,

I´m aware that we are only allowed 1 chrome tab to site during exam.
But what is not clear to me, is if you can have / use multiple bookmarks to different sections of the site for yaml examples ie : one bookmark to section persistentvolume, another bookmark etcd, another bookmark to ingress resources, etc,etc,etc.

thanks in advance all

Hello, @claudios
I think that things we have to manage. For which question we have to open which bookmark page. Otherwise if you will do the same thing again and again. Proctor will give you warnings and that’s not a good sign.
You can manage those things before the exam. You have enough time.

Hi @player001,
thank you for your reply, but Im sorry… I dont quite understand your answer.
Do you mean that we are allowed to do that or not ?

Thank you

We cannot open multiple tabs. Only 2 tabs allowed.

yes… I understand that we cant have more than 2 tabs open.
My question is:

I have one bookmark defined within my browser bookmarks that goes to:

then I have another bookmark that goes to:

then I have another that goes to:

so… I understand that I can only have 1 tab open .
Can I use a predefined bookmark ( as above and ofcourse only one at a time) from the same tab, or must I always use just the link and then do the search for the relevant item


Yes, You can use already saved bookmark without any issue and maintain bookmark like this to access as quick as you can.

thank you very much for the answer. exactly the confirmation that I was after.
have a great day

Please read the Instruction page of Linux Foundation. If you already did that’s great. @claudios

Best of Luck !!