Cheers and good luck guys. Resources used: < . . .

aditya pratap singh:
Cheers and good luck guys.
Resources used:|
• Try completing lightning rounds in 20-25 mins.
• Use local links to bookmark specific parts of the pages (like|claims-as-volumes).
• For those with non-linux background you would mostly only need to know these cmds cat, vi( :set list/nolist to check hidden characters), egrep, less, cut.
Don’t use this:
Auto completion was not working, so had to use this but it broke bash-completion for me. Tried commenting/deleting it out but nothing worked.

echo 'complete -F __start_kubectl k' &gt;&gt;~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc  

aditya-pratap-singh-certified-kubernetes-application-developer-ckad-certificate.pdf (711 KB)

Fernando Jimenez:
@aditya pratap singh Congratulations on your achievement.

aditya pratap singh:
Thanks a ton to you too @Fernando Jimenez for actively helping all of us here.:thank_you::thanks:

Edith Puclla:
Congratulation @aditya pratap singh :pray:.
why you didn’t use this one, I am just curious :open_mouth:

alias k=kubectl
complete -F __start_kubectl k

Fábio Vieira:
Congratulations @aditya pratap singh!

Congratulation @aditya pratap singh… You won the running race. More than knowledge it’s a running race.