Cannot ping nor SSH to VM

Hello Team,

I have a Windows 10 Laptop, I have created the VM for Centos following the Lab demo in the Virtualbox, I did follow steps to know the ip address, start the sshd service, then downloaded the Mobaxterm for Windows on my Laptop, opened the session menu, provided the IP from the ip addr in the remote host and the username osboxes, when I click OK their is an Connection timed out error.

I tried to ping the IP of the VM service (got via ip addr) and got an error “Destination host unreachable”.

Hi @rohitgaikwad
Kindly make sure that the sshd service is up and running using the following command:
sudo systemctl status sshd

Hello Team,

Thank you for replying, I did check for the status of sshd which is active and running; however the inet address is only for virbr01 and not for enp03 and enp08 where there is no IP address, could that be a reason, I am connected to internet via Wi-Fi.

I saw in the lecture that the IP address (INET) is assigned to the enp in my case it is not.

Rohit Gaikwad