Cannot login into my kodekloud engineering


I was enrolled in yesterday and completed the 1st task. When login today, I was asked the details again and it says email was already taken. is the email id.
I not received any email about my first task assigned to the above email id.
Please help me to rectify this issue.

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Hi thanks for reporting this, did you try the forget password if credentials aren’t working for you ?

Also please check you SPAM folder as well for emails, mark it as not spam if you find any emails there from KKE.

@Inder, I was signed up using my GitHub. Yes, I checked all the mail boxes including spam and no email about kodekloud engineer.

Anyhow I tried forgot password option with my email id and I can get into kodekloud engineer site now. If I not receive any email about the new task, I will let you know.

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Hi @KodeKloud,

Received the task but I didnt receive any email regarding the task. Checked all my mail boxes. is my email id.

++ @Inderpreet, I didnt received any email about the task assigned to me. Can you please have a look.

The same scenario happened to me. Receiving tasks but could not log in to KodeKloud Engineer with GitHub. It’s landing to the user add page!/add_user

Hello, regarding email please make sure to check your Spam folder as well, if you find it there please mark it as not spam.

Also regarding login issues, were you able to login using your GitHub ID earlier ?