Cannot get functional cluster for task

Trying to run Manage Secrets in Kubernetes but cannot do anything: the kubectl get nodes shows at least one not-ready node. Tried running scenario 3 times, no luck:

thor@jump_host ~$ kubectl get nodes
NAME           STATUS     ROLES    AGE     VERSION
controlplane   NotReady   master   7m7s    v1.19.0
node01         NotReady   <none>   6m35s   v1.19.0

Should I just keep restarting scenario or is something busted?

The labs are not loading because there is an outage with which the labs depend on to load the CNI.You can check the status here:

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KataKoda keeps crashing on me … Every time I make any command that bash doesn’t find it crashes on me… typo or anything… Its horribly annoying .

I hope they can fix this ASAP.

It’s been working fine for about an hour now. Indeed has been up for at least that long.