Canned review responses

Hi all,

there’s something that’s bothering me and I was wondering if I’m the only one that feels that way. In the review system, there seem to be a number of people who merely post full solutions as a review, in order to get the extra experience points. I’ve always suspected that they don’t even look at the task attempt video. Based on the task, they just look up the full solution and post that.

Usually the posts look something like this: “Here’s the solution to the task. Go figure out what you did wrong and make sure to click my :heavy_check_mark: so that I get the points.” Even if the person that submitted the review already knows what they did wrong, they still post the same canned responses.

For example:

As far as I understood, the review system should get people more personalized feedback. If the people behind KodeKloud wanted people to mindlessly wade through entire solutions on their own, they could easily provide them with those. I believe people learn more when they have to figure things out for themselves though. Being able to figure out documentation from all these project is quite the valuable skill in itself.

These people also don’t build on things that other people might have said. It’s always just a full solution, even if three such solutions have been posted already.

Besides that, there are also a number of people who do actually take the time to look at people’s attempts, and try to give them feedback on where they went wrong. It seems unfair to me that those people would not get the reward for the work they did looking into the problem.

Let me know how you feel about this. And if you share this sentiment, please don’t accept reviews from the people that just post full solutions.

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Thank you for the feedback. I understand how frustrating this can be. This is a common issue with all community features I guess. I think we will need to tackle it as a community like how Stackoverflow and others do. So we will be implementing a “Flag” feature that will help set proper guidelines and as a community we will be removing/blocking these players.

A flagging feature would be very helpful :slight_smile:
Maybe KodeKloud can also make a draft of what acceptable as a review, and what not? That would make it easier to flag things, as you could also argue why a review is violating the rules that way.