Can not make a commit request

Hello there,
I have Issue when I try to commit the first story file… it says I need to specify a mail and user, but even after I do so, the command does not work and it tries to use user@my-PC name…

I would appreciate any help,
thank in advance, and have a great weekend!

I found out what my problem was…
I needed to config the user and mail account… the mail that the git told me to config via command line was not true, googling the issue provided the solution.

Technically the config with a command line should work. It would be helpfull if you have shared the error (a screenshot).

$ git config --global "John Doe"
$ git config --global

Did you use commands like above?
The following guide might be helpful.

Thanks for sharing @davidszlaf.

I used them both but the first time I had issues with the mail- it didn’t get it
after using ’ git config --global my mail ', it worked (some small syntax change)

and thank you @mihsan very much for the reply… that was the solution as i did found soon after.