Can not get ip address for connecting VM to add to OS

Do not seem to have an ip address when trying to connect VM to Windows OS (demo - connecting vm to windows at 1 minute mark). Please see print screens

Print screen when trying to connect VM ip address to OS pdf.pdf (396.8 KB)

Check the steps below and try again:

By default that Network Card is configured to use NAT . ( communicate to the internet )

What you can do is to add a Second Network Card which will be configured as HOST-ONLY + configure host only network. (to be able to communicate with your mac)

A. To create host only network go to that HIGHLIGHTED network and create vmboxnet0

B. Then you need to enable second network interface and point it to just created host only network vmboxnet0 .

C. Reboot Ubuntu and second interface will get IP address assigned.

D. After reboot check for that new IP address (ifconfig) and ssh to it. Don’t use root at first.

Thanks for reply, but not really understanding at all.
Have 0 IT knowledge so following lab instructions very carefully. Can you explain in detail similar to the way the lab is described? Are you able to provide instructions from the time point given on the video, at around the 1 min mark. Also, using Windows and not MAC. Please provide as soon as possible so that I can continue on. thank you

I’m facing the same issue, did you get a solution for this?

did but not clear at all. still have not yet received any clarification. Let me know if you get anywhere with it. thanks

having same issue how can i fix this