Bug report : No content inside Dockerfile

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Question #3

We just downloaded the code of an application. What is the base image used in the Dockerfile?
Inspect the Dockerfile in the webapp-color directory.

No contents inside Dockerfile

Logs file : https://ghostbin.co/paste/fwnrcv5g
password : kodekloud

Hello @TheOffensiveGuy

i have tried the quiz for this lab and i had found the dockerfile normally in the directory, so please make sure you did not have remove the content and try again the steps carefully.
Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 13.27.47

You can see in your screenshot that the Dockerfile is there. You go to webapp-color and then execute ls. In the output, the Dockerfile is visible.

But then, before executing cat Dockerfile, you go to the templates directory. Because of that, you obviously won´t find that same Dockerfile in your working directory anymore.

Hey! Obviously I did not remove the contents of the file. However restarting the lab help and I was able to see contents inside the file.

@TheOffensiveGuy, This may be a temporary issue with lab startups. In that case, reloading the lab should work.