Bonus points bug

Hi @mmumshad @Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3

Suddenly I noticed that my points are reduced. Upon observing I further noticed that my bonus points got zero from one of the previous tasks. Can you please fix the bug and give me back the points which I earned. Thank you.


same issue with me too.

Same here… The bonus point for the last task shows 0.

same problem. task finished under 10 minutos with 0 bonus points

same issue for me!

Same with me as well. I got bonus points yesterday and now it shows as 0.

I also have same issue since yesterday with two of my tasks having reset to 0 bonus points

Since my last two tasks, have not yet received the bonus points…
Can you resolve the same…

Same issue with me too

For new task I got bonus points but for one from yesterday still not.

Hey guys! We recently made an update and this is part of that. We recently added a feature where you can have multiple attempts at resolving a given task using the “Try Later” option. Bonus points are awarded if the task was completed in the first attempt itself. However you will get full points once you complete your task, no matter how many attempts you make.

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For me it was the second try, the first lab didn’t open correctly, that’s why I refreshed it

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Fair enough ! There should be no bonus point if someone needs to learno more to fullfill the task. Very good improvement mmushad

Hi @mmumshad,

What if somehow the connectivity is lost while I am doing my task and I start all over again. How do you guys treat that?


Hi @mmumshad,

I appreciate the improvement, but I have few concerns as below:

1- Did you notified about this change before, in any communication?
2- Was this change to be affected after a certain date or it will affect on all tasks? As its surprising to see this change affect our previous old tasks as well where points were already given and then taken back.
3- Do you have a mechanism where it is differentiated between user opting “try later” or stuck in some connectivity issue? As both are different scenarios, it should be dealt with separately.

Last few weeks, we observed several connectivity issues with the site and labs, how have you addressed that. I would humbly suggest to make such bug fixes or updates transparent so we are aware.

Thank you.


agreed with @kleansoul . It will be affect on when it’s announced not in old tasks.

Hi Mumshad & KodeKloud Team,

I have concerns & feel that it will promote only expert to become expert. How it will encourage someone learnt by gathering various info from various sources. As I have highlighted earlier we need to develop collaboration not competition.

Just to be very clear these kind of approach is making me feel to stop this practice. I feel I have to consider my continuation here.

Though I appreciate your & your team’s help but in recent time I am feeling platform is focusing in only experts, expecting only experts which is contrary to what was initially thought.


I think @mmumshad has a plan to address that. In promotional E-mail there is one point regarding colaboration: Support new System Administrators on their tasks.
So be patient something should come soon.
So far we can only be active on this Message Board and help each other.

Thanks for the feedback. Note that you can always get full points if you complete your task. No matter how many attempts you make. This is only about bonus points, which are extra. And I think those who can crack it in the first shot should be awarded bonus points.


We did send out an update last week about the new options “Try Later” and a few other changes. But it did miss the change in bonus calculation. Sorry about that.

Based on your feedback and considering the fact that we cannot track attempts due to connectivity issues, we will roll back this change.

Thanks everyone for being part of the community.