Bash shell lab : change of shell and output

Hello Team ,

In lab linux bash prompt the task in which it is expected to change the shell type this is what I found .

Q. Change the SHELL for Bob from bash to Bourne Shell
Bob’s password is caleston123

Hint : use the chsh command


bob@caleston-lp10:~$ echo SHELL /bin/bash bob@caleston-lp10:~
bob@caleston-lp10:~ chsh Password: Changing the login shell for bob Enter the new value, or press ENTER for the default Login Shell [/bin/dash]: /bin/sh bob@caleston-lp10:~
bob@caleston-lp10:~$ echo SHELL /bin/bash bob@caleston-lp10:~

After doing this the check passes .

When we do $echo $SHELL before and after this no change is being observed in the output. How come the check passes and what change has been implemented then ?

As it appears the shell is still the same which was before the change using chsh .

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Pradeep Nehe

To know the current shell do echo $SHELL and to change the particular user shell by command then do
sudo usermod -s /bin/sh bob . If before allocated to bash after this user modification it will change to sh shell.
If you want to do by command line and wanna make it permanent then entry user’s home directory bash profile.