Hello, a question, I do not know why at the time of doing the Backup of ETCD (as shown in the image), the platform is NOT letting me, giving me an error: “command”?

In my case to do the Backup, I am referring to the parameters and routes:

–cacert=, --cert=, --key= obtained from file: etcd.yaml

Always i need to install the etdc.client ?

On the other hand…, ins correct only use these 3 params? or i need to use the param: –user= too ?

Thank you.

First you have to install etcd-client using the mentioned command:

apt install etcd-client.

  • Please check the following link for backup and restore:

Ok thank you, but my question is if they they tell me to do the Backup of DCE, that use the parameter:
–user=, what path i need to obtain from the file: etcd.yaml , I need to associate it there.

Thank you.