Assinging new tasks

hello ,
I’ve read that premium accounts would have tasks as soon as they complete the previous task not like the free accounts they have to wait for 48h .
So my acc is premium and I still don’t receive new tasks.
Is that a problem with my account or there is something else that I’m missing !
My username is abbes-mohamed
thank u

Hi @abbes-mohamed ,
Thanks for highlighting this issue with us. I am forwarding your issue to our KKE engineer team. I will update you once I get any updates from them.

In the meanwhile, can you please DM me your registered email address?

KodeKloud Support

Can you please recheck? This username doesn’t exists.


Please check the user name from your KKE profile.
Attaching a screenshot for your convenience. @abbes-mohamed

Can you please tell me the name of the subscription? We do have KK Standard and KK Pro plans. Which one do you have?


it’s abbes mohamed then

Apologies for the issues. This issue has been resolved.

Best Regards,
KodeKloud Support

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