Are we promoting Collaboration?

Hi All,

I may be harsh here in saying but looks like we are missing on promoting collaboration. All are on competition mode (some exceptions are there) to reach at the top that’s it. I understand providing solution is prohibited, I do understand providing answers to all questions & some basic questions (such as asking for password of app servers/users etc.) we have to avoid. But at the same time providing some hint/help on resolving specific issue should be encouraged/promoted. I see very rare coming forward to help in troubleshooting a specific issue though one has already solved that problem. I am missing the value add if such attitude continue & we fail to build a collaborative platform/environment. This is not only my observation but from may in this platform. I may have to think of stopping this rat race if no collaboration (the main intent of DevOps) is visible.


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Appreciated But no one will understand this >.<