App Vs Container

I am new to containers. My understanding is one container can carry only one app with single port listening.
Multiple apps on single container or a single app on multiple containers is not possible.
Is my understanding correct.

Hi praveen,your understanding is partially correct.
Please consider below points:-

  1. We can run one app (like a webserver) in one container.
  2. We can also run more than one app (like a webserver and a database server) in a single container exposed on different ports, but is not considered a good practice.
  3. We can run a full fledge app (consisting of multiple services like a webserver, a database server and a backend server) on multiple containers where each service runs in a different container with customized port and connected through docker networking. [RECOMMENDED APPROACH]

THANKS Paul. Point 2 is still a question for me. If you have any scenario where one container holds multiple apps. However, I agree with you that it is not recommended. Just to make my concepts clear I am asking this. Please bare with me.
Thanks again for your response.

Hi praveenbtt2,

The discussion below will be useful: