App servers are hanging


My app servers are getting stuck during task. My task is firewalld configuration. Some time server is hanging at the beginning itself or after few steps. When I was able to complete the task in one server and next server may hang this time. I mailed to KodeKloud support, but no response. I am behind this task from few days. Please help me to resolve the server Issue.

Can you please provide the screenshot and the commands you have used so that we can check…

Below given are the Screenshots. One is the commands I used and the other one is when it got stuck. It doesn’t look like command problem, because same set of commands worked in two servers and the third server got hung. This hanging servers or duration changes when you start the task again. Once it is hung, then you can’t work. You have to click try later and start from the beginning.

Thanks in advance…

@tgp : Hi Any update? I am Still facing the problem