Apache Troubleshooting

@whaleyboi001 Do you mean if environment expires without submitting the task it gets marked as failed ?

Yes, the environment got timed out due to glitches from your side, while I still have time left for the task.

Are you able to curl http://:8085 ? You should be able to see “Welcome …” message if you set up correctly

I spent a lot of time for this lab too.
The trick is to read the errors provided when getting info for the service.
For starters, I was with the ubuntu mindset, and was looking for apache2 whereas in CentOS the service is different.

Find the appropriate service and follow the error messages!
Godd luck!

I was stuck and opened your solution, was in a total wrong path -trying to enable networking and list all the services- fortunately didn’t go through the spoiler, cause my eyes caught the correct service I should have been looking for, and everything came into place!!

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You can also check Apache configuration for an AH00558 message ‘sudo apachectl configtest’