Apache Troubleshooting - Task failed3

Hi Team,

I checked the three servers as instructed and cleared all the issues and did the curl test at the end to verify that the Welcome to the xFusion industries! were running in ALL the servers. I still got a failed. please look into this

this are other images

please I can only paste one image at a time. sorry

You have tested using curl appserver1 ( apache server1 only. Instead you should have tested it from load balancer IP which is

Actually the server1 ( is the only one provided for the testing, as per the third and final instruction to jumpbox using curl. the load balancer was not given to do any test. I simply tested with the one that was given to do the test which then passed.

@nonzzo4real, can you please share your KKE user details ?

Do you mean my email?. Sorry I don’t know what is KKE user details

@nonzzo4real, email or username

my email is nonzo404@yahoo.com.

Hi Team,
sorry to bother you, but my issue is not yet resolved concerning the failed task. I thought that after submitting my email, the original question would be checked and having seen as been passed, I will be graded accordingly since no testing with load balancer IP was provided in the original question.