Ansible File Module Validation Error makes no sense

Hi @KodeKloud, @rahul456, and everyone,

I’m not understanding the error here. I was able to create an empty file on all 3 app servers with the correct user/group + permissions, yet the validation error says that Ansible is not installed on JumpHost

This error makes no sense at all.

The playbook succeeded and create 3 empty files (one on each app server).

Also, just a heads up:

Comments are disappearing (& my text is getting jumbled in the comments) on the review page (!/task_review?task_id=605e53de16da1ab5d7bef8ca). I had 4 comments auto-delete/disappear in real time when attempting to respond to Devon Thomas yesterday (who also experienced the same issue).

Why my task was marked as failed when everything appears to have gone as expected?


hi @juliettet, sorry for the issue, this is marked pending for you, please give it an another try.

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Thank you @rahul456 :grinning:

@rahul456 Please, verify the issue. The module is works but does
ansible file module
not show the changes! Changed is success! But, no such file or directory!!! What is the issue?