Ansible blockinfile

hi Mumshad and team,

I can see my blockinfile module task failed due to not having the playbook.yaml file in the jump host.

I have the playbook.yaml file created with tasks and completed to install httpd and index.html success. Please check and provide me points.

Hello, @pathan.p19
The only reason I am seeing playbook.yaml and validation is looking for playbook.yml.

Yes I realised that later. I think this shouldn’t be problem as long as playbook name is correct as long as Ansible supports both .yml and .yaml and executed perfectly fine

Please help to mark it as successful for me. Appreciate your help.


Hi Inderpreet or anyone in charge for these issues, could you please help to check and update for me the points for this?

Imran khan

Hello, @pathan.p19
We have to stick with the question. I knew both is correct. But validation is looking for the correct one.

Correct I agree, could you please help to provide points for the task. If filename is wrong i can agree, filename is correct, but both yml and yaml supports my ansible so there is nothing wrong in it. I know its my mistake. But would be good if we support both versions if any playbook is created.

thanks for undertanding.