Ansible Archive - Failed

@Inderpreet @player001 @KodeKloud2

Please review the code and feedback , what is the issue and why the task got failed?

Arun Balaji


Hi Arun looks like, the archive file name has a typo error. You missed s in apps. Please retry.

Hello @arunbalajil,

Kindly provide us with the question number and the lab link?

Thank you for the reply. Please refer the review link.!/task_review?task_id=5f7b431ef3d8ac66bce46857

@Lakshmi - I had tried again , still its throwing same error. Both the attempt , error remains same.

Hey @arunbalajil
Yes. recently ansible released 2.10 and a lot of changes done in the Ansible. Respect to community version.
Before 2.10 in the ansible, we used archive module and now it’s changed in the 2.10
community.general.archive instead of archive.
Check your ansible version if it’s below 2.10 then try to write archive instead of community.general.archive.

Check this one for an e.g.