Adding manager problem into Swarm

Hello, I have performed with docker swarm init command. I got token to add worker into swarm and add one node into swarm successfully. After 1 or 2 hours I am going to add another node using same token into swarm cluster but getting an error with docker ca expiration. I can’t find any solution for it. Anybody can help me?

Error: ```
Error: Error response from daemon: error while validating Root CA Certificate: x509: certificate has expired or is not yet valid

generate another token

From manager node cant regenerate new token. If you want to regenerate token again then have to leave all nodes from manager and then leave manager node and choose another one as manager as well as leader. If you have no available node then it is a problem to choose another node as a leader.

My lab scenario is one host machine which is configured as manager as well as leader and two virtual machines where I wanted to add one as worker and another as manager. I added one as worker successfully but after 2 hours when I was going to add another as a manger then getting the CA validity error.

Two commands I used here to get token:

  1. $ docker swarm join-token manger [to add node as manager]
  2. $ docker swarm join-token worker [to add one as a worker]

Hi @md_jakir,

Thanks for reporting, we still investigate the problem and will solve it ASAP.