Adding a user in non-interactive mode

Hi Team,

Working on the first ask and the question was to add a user john in non-interactive mode. It was done but the result was fail and this is the message with user rose for some reason

hi @Soumitra, as per error you were asked to create user rose, please remember everytime you reloads the lab you can different user to create so just make sure you create the required user what is asked in current question.

Hi Rahul,

I clearly remember the question was to create a user called john initially, but I do not know for sure if I have reloaded the lab between the task which might have resulted the question to change as you have mentioned.

That was my first task , I will make sure the labs are not reloaded midway going forward.

So for this question , will there be second chance or does it work ?

@Soumitra, this is marked as pending for you, please give it an another try. And please make sure you read question carefully to understand the requirements before performing any task.

Hi team,

I am new to this community and wanted to get some help.

My first task - Create a Linux User “rose” with non-interactive shell
when i check the /etc/passwd- file i find the entry there but the task failed.

After having read similar questions, i found below details under the failed task
"Uh! Oh! Looks like you might have missed something. The details are below. Don’t worry. No pressure! You will get another attempt at this task in the future.

  • user ‘rose’ does not exist on stapp01"

    Am i missing something here ?

Please advice

hi @SZI, as per question you need to add user with non-interactive shell.

Thank you @Rahul456 for response

I recall using ssh in combination with sudo command for creating the user without logging into the server.

ssh -t tony@stapp01 “sudo /usr/sbin/adduser rose”

Does this not qualify and meet the requirement ?

@SZI, You can read more here:

thank you @rahul456 for quick reply. let me have a read first.

Hi Rahul,

I still see it as : -
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How can I reattempt the task ?

@Soumitra, now you should have your task in your bucket.

Hi @rahul456, how can i re-attempt the task ?

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone how to re-attempt as the task is still showing as failed ? or do i need to contact someone specifically to get it re-enabled to re-trying ?

Thanks in advance.

@SZI Any failed/expired task will be reassigned to you in near future. We manually reassign a task only in case the the failure happens due to some system or validation issue.

@Inderpreet, i appreciate you response on this, many thanks.