Add group and user

Hi everyone can u guyz help mw out .It was just a simple question I think I have done right but it got failed can anyone help me.
The question was to add a group in three stratos datacenter and add user to the same 3 app servers.
Please check below screenshots for reference.

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Hello, @SumitaBehera
Can you please share the screenshot of question?


There are specific access levels for users defined by the xFusionCorp Industries system admin team. Rather than providing access levels to every individual user, the team has decided to create groups with required access levels and add users to that groups as needed. See the following requirements:

a. Create a group named nautilus_developers in all App servers in Stratos Datacenter.

b. Add the user kano to nautilus_developers in all App servers. (create the user if not present already)

@player001 -Please check the question in chat.

Please add user to that newly created group nautilus_developers. If user is not there then please create user first.
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