Access website on App servers

How do I access website on all the app servers in Stratos DC (stapp01, stapp02, stapp03) to check that the website is running properly on them. Also are they running on default http port 80 or is it something else. How can I check that?


You can check using curl command i.e curl http://stapp01:<port>/ . Either you can find port information in question description or you can identify that from Apache/Nginx config.

Nginx is installed on which server?

Ok I tried to find the nginx config file on Load Balancer (stlb01) but could not locate it at /etc/nginx

Also when am using command curl - I’m getting the following error:

curl: (6) Could not resolve host:; Unknown error


I mentioned Nginx just as an example, for curl use hostnames like stapp01 only.

  1. Just using the hostname curl stapp01 throws the same error.

  2. I need the find out about the ports because am trying to complete the task named Install and Configure HaProxy LBR

For that I need to add all the app servers (along with their ports) to the HAproxy config file but I don’t know how to find out about those ports. I thought of using curl first to check if those app servers can listen but as I mentioned above it’s returning me error

Please help!

Hi @Nautilus

As I mentioned earlier, you can check that from Apache config on each app.

you can check the configuration through curl command. For an example :-
you have setup configuration in app server 1 and want to check is it configured properly or not?

port according to task and i have mentioned ip of app server 1.
if any kind of program or message wrote in index page in apache or nginx default root directory then it will show you and same procedure for all. hope it will help you.