Absent actions cause of failure - Install & Configure NFS Server

Hi @Inderpreet @KodeKloud @kodekloud-support3

My task Install and Configure NFS Server, failed even though it didn’t asked to place any file on the path. - file ‘/var/www/nfsdata/index.html’ does not exist on App Server 1

Once again I received the same task, again it not said to place any file to the path.

Can you please share me details on this?

Hi @mmumshad

Once again same task failed with the same reason.

@mashraf92 Sorry for inconvenience. We have marked it as Pending for you, please give it an another try.

Hi @Inderpreet,

Still facing the same issues, after providing the files.
Can you please check for the earlier task as well, showed the same reason.

@mashraf92 your mount location is incorrect.


You mounted it at /mnt/var/www/webapp on app server, however it was supposed to be mounted at /var/www/webapp

See the error message.

Thanks for the clarification!!