About the qualification in the New Exam

Hello, a question, I think that in the CKA CERTIFICATION exam the questions are measured by percentages, correct?.

If in a question of the Exam they ask me to create a POD, add a LABEL, add a VOLUME and assign it to a SERVICE, they would be “4 points” to consider in the question to evaluate and the platform considers you a PERCENTAGE for each point respectively that you complete It is NOT that if I DO NOT complete the 4 points correctly in the question, the question is rated BAD and I get 0 points for the question.

I am right or wrong.

Thank you.

Do you mean - if you execute correctly 3 out of 4 steps of a single question, you should get 3 points and not based on the whether you complete the question fully?? I assume the scoring is based on step wise but since the passing score is 66%, normally the approach should be to solve the easier ones first.