About the Docker Certified Associate Exam Prep category

Use this space to discuss doubts while going through the Docker Certified Associate Exam course

This channel is a collaborative learning and sharing environment for all students. Feel free to ask your doubts here and request any assistance related to the topic. For those who have completed the exam: please remember to adhere to your NDA agreement. Others, please respect the NDA agreement of others and refrain from asking questions about the exam. Have Fun!

Here are some simple Do’s and Don’ts.


  • Ask questions and get your doubts cleared about topics discussed in the course
  • Get help on solving research questions
  • Connect with other students and study as a group


  • Ask questions about the exam and questions in the exam, such as:
    • What are the questions in the real exam?
    • Is there a question on a specific topic in the exam?
    • What kind of questions come in the exam on a specific topic?
    • What is the answer to a question in the exam?
    • How are the exams scored? Is there partial scoring or full scoring?
  • Questions about the exam environment that are not given in the Mirantis DCA study guide