Ability to skip/postpone tasks

I would like to propose that each task could be skipped ie postponed, or that categories of tasks could be opted in/out. Reason being that if you are focussing on one type of technology say kubernetes, but you don’t know ansible, then you don’t want to do ansible tasks now; you will do them later when you have taken the Ansible course.

Two ways this could be presented to us:

  1. Each task has, in addition to the current Go button, a Skip or Postpone button. At the top, you would have an additional circle for number of postponed tasks. They would come back eventually as done currently.

  2. Even better way: in your settings you could have ability to toggle which categories of tasks you want. Some categories could be kubernetes, ansible, puppet, git, networking, docker, etc. Eg for me right now, I would disable ansible and puppet because I don’t know them and I want to get through my kubernetes training. Eventually once I have completed the ansible course, I would enable Ansible (but I might leave kubernetes category on, or not, depending on my focus).


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Hello @Schollii,

I can’t find the settings for the second method. I want to disable k8s tasks for now, is it possible?

I think they’ve only implemented #1, but hopefully someone from kodekloud has more definitive answer.

Cc @KodeKloud

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