Ability to skip/postpone tasks

I would like to propose that each task could be skipped ie postponed, or that categories of tasks could be opted in/out. Reason being that if you are focussing on one type of technology say kubernetes, but you don’t know ansible, then you don’t want to do ansible tasks now; you will do them later when you have taken the Ansible course.

Two ways this could be presented to us:

  1. Each task has, in addition to the current Go button, a Skip or Postpone button. At the top, you would have an additional circle for number of postponed tasks. They would come back eventually as done currently.

  2. Even better way: in your settings you could have ability to toggle which categories of tasks you want. Some categories could be kubernetes, ansible, puppet, git, networking, docker, etc. Eg for me right now, I would disable ansible and puppet because I don’t know them and I want to get through my kubernetes training. Eventually once I have completed the ansible course, I would enable Ansible (but I might leave kubernetes category on, or not, depending on my focus).


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Hello @Schollii,

I can’t find the settings for the second method. I want to disable k8s tasks for now, is it possible?

I think they’ve only implemented #1, but hopefully someone from kodekloud has more definitive answer.

Cc @Ayman

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@mmumshad we need second point to be implemented please. do you have any plans to implement it?

Hi @Ahmad & @Schollii ,

We will definitely note down your feedback and will try to implement the same. However, for now we will not be able to commit an ETA. Be rest assured, it is taken into consideration.

Team KodeKloud

Hello @Prabhjyot_KodeKloud Is there any update on above request to skip a group of tasks. I would like to skip Puppet related tasks but could not find an option to do so, Currently I am skipping individual tasks.


We will try to consider the Group of similar tasks skip option in the future updates. But for now, you will have to continue skipping it individually.