A couple of tips I have: 1. Attack the light weight questions first. Don't even . . .

A couple of tips I have:

  1. Attack the light weight questions first. Don’t even read the heavy ones. The light ones barely take 2 minutes if you have practiced enough. This helps a lot with time management and serves as a confidence boost to clear the heavy ones.
  2. Please, please try to use your own laptop / desktop for the exam. My first attempt did not work because of my laptop. Then, had a troubleshooting session with PSI where we figured my backup laptop was working fine. Guess what - it stopped working when I got into the exam. Fortunately, I had a good old desktop lying around, which I managed to hook up in 20 minutes and used the same exam slot. All this stressed me out unnecessarily. So, please avoid using work machine when appearing for the exam.
    Wish you all - the best!

Thanks for the tips. When you say light question, can you tell what sort of questions are those? Maybe example of both light and heavy questions

Hey Sidd, I am saying purely by weightage. Every question has a % weight assigned to it and inherently, the complexity is proportional to this weight. Consider 7% and above as heavy. You can see the weightage assigned to a specific question right next to the question on the exam portal.

Congrats @Gokul well done

Fernando Jimenez:
@Gokul Very well done. Congratulations!